Dream A little Dream

i guess i’ll just lay here being attacked my nostalgia feels. 

….and not go through the only wall i have access to and read past conversations between me and people i don’t talk to anymore.  

just that one clip 
why cas.
why couldn’t you keep your mouth shut just this once


Really want to do something with Touya or Kuro but no one i could throw them at are online/want to rp  

…I can’t see Gaston without thinking about Kaiba anymore. when did this happen and why 

/rolls around 

I forced myself into a writing mood and now I can’t get out of it but I have nothing to do.  

So. I downloaded the game onto my computer. And. Apparently when I played it on my friend’s computer it didn’t save my file. So I have to start all over. 

and when I went to complain to tumblr about it my internet was dead because AT&T is an ass so I had to go get my grandpa out of bed so he could fix it so now i”m just gonna go sit in my corner and sob because I have to get back to the water monster part all over again. 

….the idea of SuperWhoLock has latched onto my brain and won’t go away. 



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You’re welcome.

aldskfj I blame yooouuuuuuuu

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… is calling to me. if I go into the Doctor Who crossover section I may never drag myself back out again. 

…It’s sad how addicted to Glee I’ve gotten. 
…I should get back to that while I’m taking a small break from Doctor Who.  


that feel when you fall in love with a pairing that nobody draws fan art of